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    Example application: MarcellusCrow


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    Example application: MarcellusCrow

    Post  MarcellusCrow on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:37 pm

    1: Are you banned from any servers? Nope Smile
    2: Why should YOU get to be on the whitelist Because I AM THE ADMIN
    3: What other servers do you have build rights on? None, I only play on my server
    4: If you could make a rule on our server, what would it be? I make ALL the rules >Smile
    5: What awsome structure will you build? I have already built stuff...
    6: How did you find out about our server? I MADE it
    7: Tell us about yourself! (Make it nice and long) I think, therefore I am
    8: What is your Minecraft username? MarcellusCrow

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