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    The Economy


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    The Economy

    Post  MarcellusCrow on Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:13 am

    Most blocks can be spawned on MineCraft Island, but a lot of items cannot.

    ---What you must buy---
    ChainMail armour
    Diamond tools
    Diamond armour
    Gold tools
    Gold armour
    Bows (Arrows are free)

    ---How you earn money---
    Sell coal: Find it in the ground, or go to the Coal Mine using the Rune in the City. Then sell them in the Argona Shop.
    Sell gold and iron ore and diamonds: Go mining and sell them in the Argona Shop
    Sell fish
    Sell pork
    Sell buildings
    Do jobs for people
    Fight mobs in The Arena. You get slimes for this. See below

    ---Slime balls---
    There are 2 types of currency: Dollars, which are virtual money, and slimes. In the banks you can buy 10 slimes for $10 and sell 10 slimes for $10.

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