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    Tony479s CLAN TOR

    Post  Tony479 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:47 am

    Hey there minecraft island it Tony479 the leader of TOR the templar order resistance i agree it is a temperary name for now i am changing it LOL

    My clan base:

    My clan base offers protection due to the fact that we have defence systems lined across all over or fence wall ya fences i no it was designed to keep mods out not people. We have also lots of flat land which new members are able to build and experiement on and also the members that are in my clan.

    The clan has 3 LUXORIOUS BUILDINGS <Smile The Lodge The Mansion and The ARENA LOL.

    is a building that has rooms which are vacant for new members. It consits of a jacuzie a viewing deck and it also has hidden fietures SECRET only for members SRY. It also has 3 floors 1st floor has a art gallery and a living room.


    The mansion is MASIVE it is big and AWSOME. on the first floor it has a kitchen a dining room a library and a living room THEY ARE EPIC. On the 2nd floor there are rooms 1 which is vacant momentarly. It also has a lift going to the roof top TERRACE ya it is awsome it consists of a fountain a bar and a few tnt cannons for defence. It also has a basement which is secret But there is a members room of the stair case going down and a chill ax place off another stairs ya there are alot of stairs LOL.


    The arena is big there is a splief (don't know if i spelt that right) were u can fight clan members for training and eventually i hope to be able to fight mobs in a different section of the arena. At the bottom of the arena there is a lava hour glass which was built by a clan member it looks awsome


    We have a range in planes and ships which MEMBERS are able 2 use only members sry new comers but if u ask i can show u them. WE have a B25 which has tnt cannons and drops ALOT and when i say alot i mean ALOT of tnt Great to take out our enemys Such as MCC the ejjits lol. we also have a huey which rains arrows down on our enemys it really cool. Also we have the Battle ship ya it not great but it is very good in defence and last but not least we have the OBSERVATORY the observatory was built and it took ages. It consists of rooms for members a kitchen which has food a lava fall a mini hut and a viewing bridge it may not sound cool to people but when u c it it is AWSOME it also has a landing pad and a giant sphere made of glass which is filled with water and has a mini nether a mini desert and forest area. THIS IDEA WAS NOT MINE IT WAS MCC AND I KINDLY ASKED THEM COULD I USE IT IN MY OBSERVATORY BECAUSE A OBSERVATORY OBSERVES DIFFERENT WORLDS. I have made it clear it was not my idea the glass ball was and the water it also has a great view of the world aswell in its relaxation area. The observatory also consists of a library and a recreation centre i supose is what id call it.


    You should join my clan because I am a fair clan leader I support my fellow members and i treat them with respect unlike MCC. I have ranks in my clan which you will earn over the course of time it really epic. I can support you financialyy as i am the minister i finance for ARAGONA city i will be posting a different story on that shortly. We also have secret defence places which my fellow members know about. To get to my clan base ask any member of my clan such as your_clone91122 yhafnoraa stevy9lives or me Tony479. The reason being is i like my clan being hidden it is a fair bit away from the city as i dont want any enemys or people that arent in my clan spying as it is unfair unlike MCC clan walk out the city and u there what idiots lol. tongue


    you can join my clan by replying to this post or by asking on the server rabbit


    If you decide to make your own clan your in for it because MCC has a guy called joe600 who will piss you off so much you will literally hunt him down and kill him. He will come into your base grief and kill all your wolves my clan had 25 wolves each found in the wild and joe600 came into my base when we were neutral griefed my hot tub lodge and mansion and killed all 25 of our wolves now does this sound like the kind of guy u want in your clan and betray u no didn't think so also MCC leader TEMPLAR crow dick face doesn't appreciate anyones work and if its better than his he will deniy it and make you feel bad he is an ass.


    Now the choice is yours entierly join his clan, MY awsome clan TOR(for now) or make your own faction Also if you need any help with making a building or ship let me know cause i'm always there to help new comers. This is PREDATOR Tony479 signing off. Hope you enjoy the MINECRAFT ISLAND SERVER Wink Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz


    MCC post:

    The reason i copied mcc ship was to pis them off which it did so the plan worked lol
    Guest area wtf come to my clan crow there is no guest area i show the people of the server around not just contain them in 1 area thats mean
    YA no originality 1 was true but was to PIS YOU OFF and the other 1 doesnt even exisist i bet u med that up so you would try and make my clan look like a bunch of jackasses

    P.P.S also notice how i have way more things to say about my clan than his he has nothing LOL Very Happy

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