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    Application for Cmcd1997


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    Application for Cmcd1997

    Post  WrittenChild on Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:51 am

    1: Are you banned from any servers?

    Being Honest... One, a long time ago. I was new to the multiplayer aspect of Minecraft and thought that it would be fun to steal from other people to get supplies instead of going and making my own. At the time after I got banned, I got bored and stayed to my local servers. Now I look back and realise how stupid and iggnorant I was.

    2: Why should YOU get to be on the whitelist?

    I believe that I should get on the whitelist because now I am a serious legit Minecraft player. I usually build far away from civilization in a place where I can still read the chat and stay ontop of the daily happenings, but not get involved in quarries. I am a usually peaceful person, unless someone messes with my creations.

    3: What other servers do you have build rights on?

    Currently, I am the Admin of my own vanilla server, an Admin of my best friends Canary & Vanilla server. After that stealing incident ^^^ I havent really played and serious servers with people I don't know.

    4: If you could make a rule on our server, what would it be?

    I would have to suggest that, when solving arguments, you figure it out be consulting a person with an unbiased opinion. That way each person has the ability to speak their mind and be listened to.

    5: What awsome structure will you build?

    Like I said, I usually build in the distance, but what I build is usually pretty modest. I will be honest, the idea of building hude 256 x 256 castles with serious internal structures is not something I can see myself building. I have made small castles and strongholds, but nothing too mainstream. Usually I tend to build complexs of buildings in a small area. I believe what my creations lack of quantity of space, are made for by the quality of there work.

    6: How did you find out about our server?

    I honestly googled "minecraft rp servers", clicked on page 11, which is one of my favorite numbers, and found MinecraftIsland. From there I found this forum.

    7: Tell us about yourself! (Make it nice and long)

    Well, I am a boy/man in adolescence currently. Don't take that the wrong way, I'm not just some stupid arrogent kid. I have been told several times that I am very mature for my age and that I can be a very calm person. I am a thinker, sort of a doer, but not really the best talker. I don't tend to make great conversations with strangers, but I can really open up to a good friend.

    8: What is your Minecraft username?



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    Hi there its Tony479

    Post  Tony479 on Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:47 am

    Hi there. I'm Tony479 a admin of our server. I read your post and you would be great to have on our server and we would like to have you on our server. like wise i also like to build far away from civilization but not to far. I have built my clan base and home that way. I will enlist you in the whitelist and to find out more about our server you can look through the different posts and also find out about clans. Also we have rules on the server like no griefing so no need to worry about anything getting destroyed. Hope to see you on the server

    Very Happy Tony479 Very Happy

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